About The App


View My License

This area is where you can store all of the relevant licenses and documentation needed during a regulatory inspection such as ABC Managers license, Food Handlers permit, TIPS card, drivers license, etc....


Snap Shot

Is a great tool for you or your designated employee(s) to collect any documentary evidence that you may need into a central location. For instance, if you receive a regulatory inspection from ABRA and you take a picture of it, you can save it to Snap Shot by simply pressing this button, taking a picture and selecting "save to dashboard." It can also be used if you have any incident at your location to capture video or photos that you may want to use as documentary evidence. Snap Shot, when it saves to the dashboard displays a date and time stamp that can be very helpful during an investigation.


Send Alerts

In all its greatness, the Send Alerts feature will save your establishment potentially thousands of dollars in regulatory fines and spare you the stigma of an extensive investigative history. By the press of a  button any establishment within 500 square feet of your establishment will receive an alert that a regulatory agent is in the area. This will allow you enough time to make sure that your ABC manager is on site, you're closing on time, or just simply prepared for a visit because you will know which agency is in the area. You'll know how to best be prepared for their presence at your establishment before they get there. Our expanding network of businesses in your area will ensure that you are receiving more alerts than you'll ever send. This method ensures all involved WIN!