Keeping you in Compliance! - Coming January 2019

Our Business, is Keeping Your Business, Profitable!

Alerting you to compliance pitfalls.

What We Offer


Service #1

Automatic Alerts: when a regulatory agency is within 500sq ft of your establishment, you will receive alerts on your mobile device. Giving you enough time to ensure that you are in compliance, prior to their arrival to your establishment.


Service #2

Digital Wallet: The app allows you to upload your relevant licenses, (i.e. ABC Manager's license, food handling license, etc.) to your personal dashboard on your mobile device and computer. The app will also send you automatic alerts when your expiration dates are approaching so that you are not caught off-guard. 


Service #3

Remain In Good Standing: By utilizing the app you will add another element of organization and readiness to your business. While helping yourself and others succeed.

Coming soon!!!!!!